Tuesday, January 26, 2016



QUESTION regarding (presumably from) Jean-Claude De-Grimaldi

AS  P. Albert's  Chief Intelligence Officer for six years,  We are CERTAIN that you have been Very Well aware of P. Albert's scurrilous activities against myself,   Robert...
   During your time with Albert,  you were surveilling me assiduously ... As part of your duties Were you not, Robert...?
   I have state department reports on this from my Trustee, Charles W. Robinson III, Deputy Secretary of State with Your name on it Mr. Eringe r. 
   Is there anything you want to inform me about with impunity before all of these matters 
are exposed in the next two weeks Mr. Eringe r? The next two weeks is your opportunity .

My reply:

Dear Sir,

While it is true that I was Prince Albert’s Intelligence Adviser for 5.5 years, the first time I heard the name Jean-Claude De-Grimaldi was earlier this month through your e-mail address.

Hence, I was not only not aware of such a person and thus not interested in such a person, but I never even knew of the existence of such a person while I worked for the Prince.  (Sorry to disappoint.)

Consequently, I have nothing to inform you about, because everything I now know about such a person is from your own e-mails.  

Best wishes,


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