Saturday, March 7, 2015


As he types away in this scenic seaside city, Robert Eringer has acquired an unusual distinction among bloggers: A prince half a world away has gone to court seeking to censor his writings.
Among the allegations the prince is challenging: that Prince Albert gave Monegasque citizenship to Italians needing "safe haven from prosecutors in their native country"; that the prince invited a known Russian money launderer to be the guest of honor at a Monaco gala and accepted the gift of a dacha built by the Russian government while he was a member of the International Olympic Committee considering Russia's ultimately successful bid to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Prince Albert's suit also objects to Mr. Eringer's contention that Monaco has dragged its feet in an investigation into the fate of dozens of Jews in Monaco during World War II.
Mr. D'Antin, Prince Albert's attorney, declined to comment about Mr. Eringer's contentions regarding Italians getting citizenship. He said a dacha was built on the prince's property but denied it had any connection to the Olympic committee vote.
An admission that Prince Albert contravened the IOC's Code of Ethics.
As for the allegation about dining with a Russian money launderer, the attorney denied the claim and said that just because Prince Albert "has Russian friends doesn't mean that he is close to the mafia."
Dining?  How about pandering:  Sergey Pugachev was even invited to Albert's wedding.
In his statement in response to the prince's suit, which hasn't previously been reported, Mr. Eringer said, "Everything I publish in my blog is true and verifiable to the best of my knowledge." He called the litigation part of a "campaign to silence Monaco's critics."

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