Sunday, March 15, 2015


A new investigation by St. Petersburg-based journalist Andrei Soshnikov written for the weekly local publication Moi Region reveals the details of a 400-person “troll den” in St. Petersburg, run by the government’s Internet Research Agency to champion the propaganda war between Russia and the West.
Take “Natalya Drozdova,” for example.
“Natalya” has a LiveJournal, a Twitter and a Facebook. She’s an “art historian” who lives in “the beautiful city of St. Petersburg. 
She’s interested in “art, psychology and everything that goes on in the world,” and she’s “glad to have you as an online friend.” 
“Natalya” is a fake online person implanted by a woman named Tatyana Kazakbayeva, an employee of the Internet Research Agency working out of St. Petersburg. 
She’s being paid by the Kremlin to disseminate pro-government opinions online.

Others are paid to discredit bloggers who write the truth about Putin.

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