Thursday, March 5, 2015


By all rights Eringer, 57, and the prince, 53, ought to be pals. 
Back in 2002 they hit it off so well over drinks at Monte Carlo’s Hotel Columbus, Eringer says, that Albert hired him to be his personal spymaster and keep sketchy people–arms dealers and money launderers among them–out of the tiny 800-year-old nation-state, including folks like Sir Mark Thatcher, the son of the former British prime minister, who was denied residency in Monaco. 
Eringer claims he outfoxed the Russian intelligence service’s efforts to penetrate Albert’s social orbit and created liaison relationships with more than a dozen foreign intelligence agencies. 
He also says he introduced the prince to senior intel officials in the U.S. like former CIA chief Porter Goss and FBI Director Robert Mueller.
His duties, Eringer insists, included handling some of the prince’s more personal affairs. 
Among them: negotiating with the mother of one of Albert’s illegitimate children and warning the prince that one of his American friends boasted he had an embarrassing tape of Albert taken at a Parisian strip club. 
Eringer’s suit and blog paint the prince as a hapless ruler with an insatiable libido, surrounded by manipulative sycophants. 

Even though his suit failed, Eringer gained some vindication: The ruling, he says, substantiates his far-ranging involvement with the prince. 
The opinion notes that Eringer performed tasks like “investigating who would leak information about the prince to the press and helping a woman who alleged she was raped by the prince.”

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