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Near midnight on December 1st, 1999, inside Pizzeria St-Michel in Cap d’Ail, I briefed Prince Albert on a Monaco-based arms dealer.  

Horrified, Albert resolved to nix all contact with him. 

The Prince also had a query of his own that night:  would I investigate a Monaco-based Russian named Alexey Fedorichev?  

He explained that Fedorichev had designs on ASM, Monaco’s European League football team.

Two months later, I delivered my findings on Fedorichev.  

Fast forward to December 15th, 2002, when a decision had to be made within days over whether or not to allow this Russian to invest in Monaco’s football team.

We had determined, through various levels of sourcing, that Fedorichev was of dubious character, that his Monaco-based company, Fedcominvest, allegedly engaged in money laundering, especially with regard to its dealings with a company called Astrahangasprom.  

Both the Italians and the French suspected that Fedorichev linked to the Red Mafia. 

We also understood Fedorichev had cultivated a personal relationship with Stephane Valeri, who held Monaco’s highest elected office as President of the Conseil Nationale (General Assembly), and that Fedorichev had used Valeri in illegal business transactions.

On December 19th, the Palace announced Fedorichev’s disqualification from investing in ASM football.

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From Fedorichev's Monaco police file:

1976: two years in prison for speculation.

1980: four years in prison for extortion.

1984: one year in prison for fraud.

More recently, under suspicion of laundering money, connected at various times to N'Drangheta (Italian mafia), the Ukrainian mafia, and the Russian mafia.

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