Thursday, February 12, 2015

RULE # 25

Don’t complain; unfairness is the history of mankind from the beginning.  

Just pick up the torch and do the right thing.

Do not feel victimized nor grow into a victim mentality.  We are all victims of something eventually.  The key is to rise above whatever curveballs life throws at you.

An old saying, Life hands you a lemon? Make lemonade.

Monaco’s spymaster stopped doing his job after his client, the Prince, was swayed off track by Monaco’s criminally-minded establishment and no longer responded to the spymaster.  The Prince also did not respond to the spymaster’s invoice.

So Monaco’s spymaster requested final payment through a lawyer.

The Prince ignored this request.

So Monaco’s spymaster filed a Complaint in Court that, in addition to making his case for payment, did what the Prince chose not to do:  expose corrupt government ministers and a number of money launderers resident in the principality.

In doing the right thing, Monaco’s ex-spymaster inevitably created an interactive hub of dissent.

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