Thursday, February 5, 2015

RULE # 21

Port Hercules, Monaco, 2006

Do not be disappointed; learn—and then teach.

This is another rule for life in general.

You cannot control others, so don’t even try.  Motivate and hope for the best.

The secret to happiness is low expectations.
When something goes wrong, view it as part of your ongoing education.

Prince Albert of Monaco pledged to fight rampant corruption and money laundering in his Principality.   

He hired a spymaster, and later, a chief-of-staff, to assist him in this endeavor.

But when faced with a little resistance from corrupt influences around him, the Prince caved and reneged on promises he made to his spymaster, chief-of-staff, subjects, foreign intelligence services, and the world—and became complicit in their corruption.

This was a learning experience—one that we transformed into a teaching experience.

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