Wednesday, February 4, 2015

RULE # 20

Welcome crisis.  You will identify your true friends.

(When crisis calls, a martini and a cigar.)

What do you do when the floor appears to fall out from under you?  

When promises made by a ruling prince, to twenty foreign intelligence services and to his own subjects, are reneged upon?

This happened to Monaco’s spymaster after Prince Albert’s accountant and lawyer conspired behind the Prince’s back to oust the spymaster.

As usual, the Prince could not be found to rectify the situation.

And so the spymaster’s status remained unclear for several days, until the Prince finally manifested himself—and rescinded his accountant and lawyer’s fabricated instructions.

During this period of uncertainty, the spymaster took careful note about who deserted him and who remained loyal—and more especially, those who pretended to remain loyal.

And then the spymaster did what he always did when the sky seemed to be falling:  

He went to the bar of the Columbus Hotel, ordered a dry martini, up, three olives, lit a Monte Cristo No. 5 Cuban cigar, and scribbled everything (indecipherably) into a leather bound journal.

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