Thursday, January 1, 2015

RULE # 3

Mont Blanc Hemingway
Sean Kirkpatrick

There is history, her-story, your story and my-story—truth exists only in the moment.  
So keep a journal and document the moment.

History is his story.  

These days, her story counts, too.

You’ve got yours, and I’ve got mine.

Rarely does anyone agree on exactly what is said and done.  Everyone has their own version of events, based on their own perspectives.

Courts seek to get at the truth by dissecting contracts, hearing testimony under oath and studying documents from all parties and witnesses, trying to establish what really happened.

Memories fade with time.

But if you keep a regular journal and jot down interaction with others as it occurs, this record becomes both a memory-jogger and a document from which others may attempt to discern truth between quarrelling parties with opposing viewpoints.

Monaco’s spymaster sued the prince and his principality for not keeping accounts current.

The prince and his principality were at a disadvantage when news media attempted to establish the facts of the lawsuit.


Because most of what happened while the spymaster performed his service to the prince he notated diary-style in a leather-bound journal.

Over the course of five-and-a-half years, the spymaster filled twenty leather-bound journals with details of his service to the prince, including everything the prince said.

Hence, the spymaster was in command of his facts.

The prince and his principality, conversely, could not speak authoritatively to the substance of the lawsuit, as they had no journals or records of any sort.

News media soon distinguished who was telling the truth, and who was lying.

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