Monday, January 26, 2015

RULE # 16

The best intelligence is not packaged in a glossy report but derives from a single sheet of crucial information in someone’s back pocket.

The biggest and best secrets do not need detailed explanation or embellishment.

You’ve seen them before:  Slick, glossy reports, padded with fluff and statistics. And all that really mattered was the first and last few paragraphs.

Anything that is truly important and sensitive does not belong in a report, whose circulation you probably cannot control. 

The best way to impart a secret is by telling it, directly to the client/principal who needs to know.

And if you need help remembering:  a single sheet of notes in your back pocket.

And such notes are in your own bad handwriting, which, of course, nobody else can decipher.

Nonetheless, once your briefing is done, the crumpled notepaper goes back in your pocket, to be torn into fifty-three pieces and dumped into a public garbage bin (not your own) after ensuring you haven’t been followed.

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