Friday, January 23, 2015

RULE # 14

Saturate & dilute

You cannot, in this high-tech age, erase your footprints.  

So create many false sets leading in all directions.

Your whereabouts are easy to discover in computerized records.  Sophisticated dataveillants can penetrate much further.

Furthermore, you have no control over what appears about you on Google and other search engines.

Cyberspace has become the domain of anonymous cowards.  Probably better that way, as it gives them a chance to vent rather than growing a pair. Only fools believe what is posted anonymously by cowards, and there is nothing to fear from fools.

But you can confuse whoever is trying to track you down by using subterfuge.

Create a number of addresses for yourself in multiple cities.  Do so by phoning multiple mail-order companies and requesting their catalog, and asking it be sent to a dozen locations around the country.  For addresses, use UPS shops.  Of course, once the catalog arrives, it will be discarded.   But your address shall live on in the mail order company’s mailing list, which will be sold over and over again to other merchants.

The investigator’s job is made more difficult when faced with multiple addresses, and it increases the cost of his service to the client, who may be unwilling to spend beyond a certain budget.

It's all data now.  The day of the gumshoe is almost gone.

As for Google:  it can be balanced out, diluted with positive data, and anonymous negativity negated. 

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