Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RULE # 13

Stay in motion

If you stay in place, you become a sitting target.

Learn from Cuba’s Fidel Castro:  Never more than three nights in the same place—his key to survival in the country he ruined.

Very few people knew that Prince Albert of Monaco employed a spymaster.  But those who were aware might have told others, who might have had reason to squirm based on their misbehavior.

Monaco’s spymaster strove to be invisible.  But he did have a safe house in Monaco, to work and sleep in, called M-Base.

This base was used to meet sources.  One or more sources might have talked to others.  So it had to be assumed that one or more of the spymaster’s targets would know the location of M-Base.

A representative of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service cautioned:  “Sooner or later you will be firebombed.”

The spymaster’s answer was to stay in motion.  He constantly traveled, in and out of Monaco, to London, to Paris, to Brussels, to Luxembourg, to San Marino, to Washington DC, and elsewhere.

He did not tell assets and informants when he would arrive in Monaco.  Upon his arrival, such persons would receive a call and be summoned.

By the time word got around that the Spymaster was in residence—figure three days—he would be gone, without leaving word where.

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