Saturday, January 17, 2015

RULE # 10

Steer clear of anyone afflicted with a James Bond complex.  

(The spy biz attracts sociopaths)

When people think of espionage, they naturally think of James Bond, the super-suave creation of Ian Fleming.

So naturally, the intelligence business attracts would-be James Bonds.

However, the intelligence business does not welcome would-be James Bonds.

Intelligence work is patiently determined by committee; carefully executed by teamwork.

Intelligence services try to recruit team players, not mavericks.

Every once in a while, someone with a James Bond-complex slips through.

This is the individual who disappears for three days, believes he has license to do as he pleases, and returns gleefully trumpeting whatever success he single-handedly imagined.

Any success is over-shadowed by his complex, and it is the latter on which his superiors will dwell.  If they believe he cannot be changed, he will be shown the exit ramp.

A good example of a combination James Bond complex and sociopath is Jonathan Pollard.

Pollard was a U.S. Navy analyst who aspired to be a secret agent.

Pollard would arrive late at meetings, sweating and disheveled, and claim terrorists had kidnapped his wife and that he’d spent the day chasing them around Washington.

Unfortunately, Pollard had access to secrets.

He sold U.S. secrets to Israel.

He was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Like all sociopaths, Pollard has never shown any remorse for his crime.

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