Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Prince Albert authorized it.

We own it.

Following our creation ten days ago of a Monaco Intelligence blog on Tumblr, Monaco's censors quickly went to work.

Not only did these truth-deniers coerce Tumblr to terminate the blog, they interfered with service to my website, disrupting it for most of yesterday.

Clearly, they do not want readers to access my manuscript, The Spymaster of Monte Carlo, which is available as a free download on my website, now back in service.

The Principality of Monaco also takes exception to my use of

They regularly argue that they own the name Monaco. 

Their stance is absurd.

The Principality's legal lechers once tried to take on Club Monaco, the retail chain owned by Polo Ralph Lauren.

They failed miserably.

In any case, I created Monaco Intelligence for Prince Albert.

Albert discarded Monaco Intelligence after he decided to follow a corrupt path instead of cleansing his principality, as promised.

So it became mine. now redirects to my website.

Every time Monaco intervenes in our right to free speech, it strengthens our resolve to persevere and ensure that the truth be available to all who want to know it.

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